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27-Jun-2016 05:40

“That’s why gay and lesbian bars and clubs, queer parties, queer community groups and LGBTIQ festivals are so important, and why we as a community need to continue to support them.” Gaytimes will feature film screenings, yoga, workshops, speed dating, granny bingo, and the Gaytimes Drag Race.

It will also have a diverse music line up from disco and soul to house and hip-hop, with emerging artists as well as established.

Mr Hill said he photographed the 'evidence', which he was confident would have matched the tape used on Jaidyn's arm.'It is surmised that this roll of tape most probably would have identically matched the tape used to bandage the child's broken arm,' he told the Herald Sun.'When the body washed up we may have had the only piece of physical evidence that could definitively link Domaszewicz to the murder.' The man who was in charge of the murder case Rowland Legg, confirmed there was a roll of tape in the babysitter's boot when it was searched, but it would have only been of significance if a match could be established.

Mr Hill said if the photograph he took of Mr Domaszewicz's boot could be forensically examined with modern technology, Victoria could witness its first double jeopardy case.'In the absence of that roll of tape, imagine if the photograph itself could now be forensically examined using the latest digital techniques and the tear from the last portion of that roll of tape is actually shown at high resolution in the picture,' he said.

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Australian culture is, to my mind, one of the more emotionally distant I’ve encountered.

The wife of deceased former mob-boss John Gotti has been hospitalized after suffering what was reportedly a 'very serious' stroke.