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sporting type rear leaf sight, serial numbers are in three digits only. only - these last two years with minor changes)..218 Bee (introduced 1939), .25-20 WCF, or .32-20 WCF cal., 22 in. The online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Gun Values, but it also has many features not available with the printed version, including quarterly updates, over 2,500 firearm images, complete search abilities, and inventory capabilities through ISP!Total production is believed to be less than 300.,000 - 0,000 (Above Ave.) ,000 - ,000 (Average) ,000 - ,000 (Below Ave.)similar to first model, except buttplate heel has pointed profile, lever latch became standard and receiver is not slotted for rear sight, serial numbers over approx. round barrel (except .218 Bee - 24 in.), 1/2 tube mag. Blue Book of Airgun Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Airguns is available as a stand-alone online subscription or as part of the popular Three-Pack Firearm subscription that also includes access to the Blue Book of Gun Values and Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms databases.they chose stamped sheet metal and roll pins for parts previously machined from solid steel.

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However else the term might have been abused, without question, the Model 94 Winchester qualifies.This is not because it is a fancy rifle, although some specimens are certainly that. Most M-94s deliver groups adequate to collecting game within the limits of the cartridge for which they are chambered, but no serious marksman would be inclined to consider one for the running boar event in international competition. Only one hundred years of universal acceptance by ordinary shooters as their choice for whatever purpose a rifle may serve in their hands.