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I feel like I’ve been let out of jail, because I’ve been in the writing cave for the last two years. Following a spot of schedule rejigging, however, 20th Century Fox seem to have revealed when the sequel will land in cinemas: an untitled James Cameron project has been pencilled in for 20 December 2018.

, Ben (Mark Duplass) and Anna (Alycia Delmore) are trying for a child.

With the elephant acknowledged, the picture has the freedom to ask how on earth it got in the room, and what can be done to accommodate it without substantial renovation work.

The set-up is rather hard to swallow: it feels as though Shelton cooked up the film's concept without working out how to render it plausible.That’s all well and good, but I can never take any joy in Avatar because, to me, the film suffers from a glaring and unforgivable flaw: The Avatars are not yellow. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Avatar, here’s the basic plot as I understand it: A group of human astronauts go to the jungle in space where they meet the Avatars, a species of blue creatures who I wish were yellow instead.